Town Clerk

Ryan J. Witkos, Town Clerk
(413) 477-6700

Town Clerk Office Hours: Calendar
Also by appointment and by chance if the lights are on and the door is open.

eMail and Voicemail will not be checked 12/22/22 - 12/27/22.

If there is a need for a Notary, Justice of the Peace, or document(s) in the office outside of posted office hours, please call (413) 477-6700, or email with your request. The Town Clerk will sometimes be in the office outside of posted hours and encourages residents to leave a voice message or email if there is a need to speak or meet with him. Email and voicemail are monitored during non-office hours. 

If it is a TRUE EMERGENCY, and there is an urgent need, please call his cell at (7 7 4) 2 0 0 -1 5 4 1

For complete agendas of all town and regional meetings.
Go to:
or call (413) 285-2709

Hardwick has an Open Town Meeting form of government. Every voter registered in Hardwick is eligible to vote at Town Meeting.

Town Meetings are called by the Board of Selectmen through the issuing of a WARRANT.

The warrant contains all items or ARTICLES to be voted on at Town Meeting. Click on this link for more information on Town Meetings.

Want to know more about the Open Meeting Law?
Click here
for the Open Meeting Law Guide.

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